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Sunday, November 18, 2007

33 Sunday in the year “C”

Today’s gospel begins with the disciples marveling at the glory of the Temple. It must have been something to see. The Temple they looked at was one of the wonders of the world. It was brand, spanking new. It had taken fifty years for Herod to rebuild the Temple. The original Temple, the Temple that Solomon built, was destroyed by the Babylonians at the beginning of the captivity in 588 BC. When the Israelite returned to Jerusalem around 528, the people had all to do to build shelters for themselves. It took about fifteen years for them to begin to build a new Temple. This was modest undertaking, merely adequate, but the best the people at the time could do. As the centuries progressed, this temple was enlarged and refurbished, but it never approached the magnificence of the Temple of that Solomon built. In the year 26 B.C. Herod decided to restore the Temple to the Glory of Solomon’s Day. The work had just been completed when Jesus’ disciples looked on amazed at the precious stones and votive offerings.

Jesus heard them and said, “This really doesn’t matter.” It is all going to come to a ruin anyway.

What do you build in your life? Do you think it will last eternally? Be sure that “This really doesn’t matter. It is all going to come to a ruin anyway.” What is more important, it’s your readiness to enter eternity. Be sure this totally depends on your present life, and not on what do you have and how rich are you.

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