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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Palm – Passion Sunday, 16.03. 2008

Everything is upside down …

What a strange liturgy we do today. Almost as if the church cannot decide what to do! So, we just squeeze together everything from Jesus entering Jerusalem with the crowds shouting "Hosanna" through the crucified Christ being laid in a borrowed tomb.

Even the name for this Sunday. Today is "Palm - slash - Passion Sunday." It's neither "Palm Sunday" nor "Passion Sunday." It's not "Palm and Passion Sunday." Its "Palm - slash - Passion Sunday," two different events jammed up against one another.

We begin Holy Week by focusing in on the Passion of the Lord, this year according to Matthew. On Thursday we will relate the Passion to Sacramental celebration of the gift of the Lord in the Eucharist, on Friday we will zero in on the suffering and death of the Lord, then on Easter we will celebrate the triumph of Eternal Life over Physical Death.

He suffered for us. And what does he ask in return? He asks that we love his Father. He asks that we believe in Him. He asks that we love each other. He asks that we fight for his Kingdom. He asks that live as moral, decent people. He asks little, this Tremendous Lover who has given so much.

Hosanna and … crucify HIM!!!

Most probably the same people were shouting and crying “Hosanna” and 5 days later “Crucify him!” Is it not like in my life? One day “hosanna”, the other “I don’t need you”?

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