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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Thursday February, 03

Scripture: Mark 6:7-13

What kind of authority and power does Jesus want us to exercise on His behalf? Jesus gave his apostles both the power and the authority to speak and to act in his name. He commanded them to do the works which he did: to heal, to cast out evil spirits, and to speak the word of God – the good news of the gospel which they received from Jesus. When Jesus spoke of power and authority he did something unheard of. He wedded power and authority with love and humility. The “world” and the “flesh” seek power for selfish gain. Jesus teaches us to use it for the good of our neighbour.

Why does Jesus tell the apostles to travel with little or no provision? “Poverty of spirit” frees us from greed and preoccupation with possessions and makes an ample room for God’s provision. Jesus wants his disciples to be dependent on him and not on themselves. He will work through and in each of us for his glory. Jesus also calls us to travel with little or no provision as we pass through this world. The aim of our lives is not to accumulate stuff. Rather, we are to live as people on a mission, on a campaign. This does not mean we are to take on a spirit of poverty. It is rather about where our focus is. Do we live to get more and more possessions for ourselves? Or do we live as a person with a calling?

The apostles go and preach the Gospel. “Going” is an important part of living for God. We need to go to our community, go to the poor, and go to those who don’t know Jesus. It is not about huddling in the church comfort zone but about taking the Gospel of repentance to the people.

Are we ready to handle the power and authority which Jesus wishes us to exercise on his behalf? God entrusts us with his gifts and talents. Are we eager to place ourselves at his service, to do whatever he bids us and to witness his truth and saving power to whomever he sends us?

Lord Jesus, make us a channel of your grace and healing love that others may find life and freedom in you. Free us from all other attachments that we may joyfully follow the things of heaven. May we witness the joy of the Gospel both in words and deeds. Amen

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