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Sunday, December 18, 2011

IV Sunday of Advent - B

IV Sunday of Advent - B

In the scene of today's Gospel we can see, first of all, that God is coming to His human creation and asking permission to save this creation. In another words, God is submitting His will to the disposition and the response of human beings. It is always like that, because God gave us an unquestionable gift of freedom and will never do anything against our freedom. Mary is the perfect example of the correct attitude of a human creation towards God's salvific will. When greeted by the words: "The Lord is with you" and assured "Do not be afraid" she quickly and honestly answers: "Fiat mihi secundum verbum Tuum" - "Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word."

At the same time we have to ask ourselves: "How often is our answer "I am ready. May it be according to your will"? God is always searching mankind, always running after him and begging him to accept God's proposal of friendship, and mankind -since original sin- is running away, searching his own will, very often against the will of God.

We can ask: WHY?

And the answer to this question seems to be quite easy and yet disturbing. God is proposing to us truth and salvation, which –it is true- is not always easy and comfortable, but we … we are searching something which is easy and comfortable but –unhappily- not true and not valuable. And this is why we are running away from God's will and choosing what seems to us better, easier and more convenient.

And this is our misery. Is it not true that under a banner of freedom, human rights and independence or even, sometimes science, we turn away from God and His proposal of salvation? Is it not true that when God became one of us, a human being – Jesus Christ, we are not able to accept Him because we are afraid that He will take away our freedom and put our independence in danger, asking too much of us, and expecting something we don’t  like to give?

The misery of Adam and Eve in paradise was that they didn't trust God, and they wanted to do everything their way. And they lost everything: eternal life, the friendship with God, natural and supernatural gifts.

The beauty of Mary at the Annunciation is that She totally submitted herself to the will of God and … She won all and not only for herself but for all of us. Her acceptance, Her FIAT, was the beginning of the new creation, the beginning of the way back home for the whole of humanity.
But there is one thing which has to be done by each one of us; I have to accept personally, totally and honestly the will of God in my life. I have to repeat after Her: "May it be done to me according to your word."

God, Who is always Emmanuel – "God with us" created us without our consent, but He cannot save us without our personal agreement. It would be against the most precious gift He gave us, against our freedom. And this is why He is asking and begging me: "Would you like to be saved?" Would you like to go the way I prepared for you, the way which is Jesus Christ, the way leading you to the house of the Father? It's true that this way is not easy or comfortable, but it is sure. Would you like to be my child?

What will be my answer?

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