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Saturday, October 27, 2012

30 Sunday - B

Year of Faith - Jesus is showing us the Faith, which is a healing power

Do we ask sometimes ourselves a question: Why I cannot meet Jesus on the way of my live? Why -when I need Him so much in my life- He is apparently absent and not answering my prayers?
Why so many o my prayers and requests are neglected by Him ?
Why -despite of so many of my sincere and honest prayers- He is mute and unanswerving? Why I do have to struggle so much in my life?
Why I am not able to meet Him personally despite of His promises that He will not abandon us, that He will be present with us until the end of time?

There are many possible answers for all those questions, but let us present here only two, and both are stressing the necessity of Faith:

First - in order to meet Jesus seriously I have to believe in Him and to believe Him, or rather the renew my faith that He really is God and He certainly knows better than me what is good for me and what is not.

And secondly - in order to meet Jesus I need to believe that I really need Him, the Son of God and not a wizard or magician, that I need Jesus. Like Barthymeus I have to realize that I am blind and poor, and sinful, and in need of His help. I have to admit that I need Jesus with His help and not with His eagerness of fulfilling my caprices and whims. When I accept Jesus as a Son of God and not a magician, I have to cry wit Batrimeaus "Jesus, Son of the living God have mercy on me!".

Jesus changed radically the life of Batrimeaus, his daily life and his spiritual life. Bartimaeus believed in Christ and believed Christ and followed Him radically.
Do I need Jesus to heal me radically, to change my life drastically and to follow Him or ... only to fulfill some of my caprices ?

And there się one thing more "Go your way; your faith has saved you".

So what is Faith? October 11 we were invited to discover what is faith, what does it mean for me to believe, to trust Jesus? But in order to answer these questions I have to see:
- what is the content of my faith, what do I know about my! Catholic Faith?
- in whom do I believe, is this really Jesus Christ or an idol I created for my personal use?
- whom I trust, if I trust Jesus so why I don't trust the Church founded by Jesus, why do I reject the teaching of the Master when it is too demanding or awkward for me?

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