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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pentecost Sunday

Today,  Pentecost, we are celebrating the descent of the Holy Spirit  upon the apostles.  We have just heard in the Acts of the Apostles - "suddenly from the sky came a loud  sound like the rush of a violent wind, and it filled the whole house."

It was a very important event of the day which changed the face of the earth. With the Apostles, filled with the Holy Spirit, the Gospel began to be preached to the whole earth.  
They were not afraid to be a witness  to Jesus Christ and  His Resurrection  after  His death on the cross.
The Holy Spirit is therefore, the only explanation for the fact that those ordinary people in a very short time, carried (spread) the local word of God to the world attracting new followers of Christ.

We can also be sure  that our church and our house is filled  today, with  the same Holy Spirit giving us the same energy to be witnesses  to the Resurrection.
Since our Holy baptism, the same  Holy Spirit dwells in us, and as the Bible says - "we are his temple."
However, when we look at our Christian life it seems that the Holy Spirit is kept in a closed tabernacle, and we do not allow Him to act in our hearts. Yes, we have to be the temple of the Holy Spirit   in which  we will hear  His voice. We have to be the temple that is preached of in the gospel.

If we are closed to the action of the Holy Spirit, we will be like the apostles after the  Resurrection - asking about the reality of our faith and scared (afraid)  to witness to the  Resurrection and the great love of God for man.

Today, we get another chance to be open to the Holy Spirit and to learn to exceed our imperfections and our possibilities.
The Apostles went  out into  the world, despite  their incompetence, but thanks to their courage,  we believe  in our church today.  
With the help of the Holy Spirit we also have a duty to contribute  to the victory of truth and good to the modern world.

The church, today, needs our gifts and our talents to transform this world.

If you are not open to the Holy Spirit and  His gifts, do not use them responsibly, but squander  them, we will also be responsible for those who do not  hear the Gospel and are not told about the love of God.

 – Fr Tom

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