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Friday, March 15, 2013

5th Sunday of Lent

Before our eyes we have two perceivable characters. Christ and the woman. The woman looks scared waiting for the judgement of Christ.  But the one who had heard the judgements of those who had judged her and the complaints that were made against her saw that everyone was gone. After that He told her "neither do I condemn you---go your way and from now on do not sin again."
God salvaged this woman not just before she died, but first of all He rescued her soul. This is a testimony of love -- God to man.

The number of times man meets with God in frank truth, is the number of times He touches his soul, and that is the number of times man changes his life.
Also, since the meeting of this woman with Christ she was faithful to Christ until His death.
Once again we see that we have a chance to do the same. We must recognize our sins and in humility, ask for forgiveness.

Through the spiritual transformation within us, we begin to understand --that since everyone of us are sinners, we must not "contempt" others and throw stones of condemnation.
Those who today bring to Jesus Christ the sinful woman, have forgotten about their sins--and until Christ shows them their sins they do not leave this place of judgement.

Everybody needs the mercy of God and this links everyone. When I experience the God of mercy, I see in others the same sinfulness  as in me.

John Paul ll wrote-- "sin in the contemporary world is the lack of the sense of sin. When you discover "sense of sin", you discover "sense of God"."
Without faith and love of God we will never be sensitive to sin. It will be difficult  for us to see God when many of our sins we consider just weaknesses and very easily we give excuses. Without reference in our life to God - we will not be able to judge what is good and what is bad.
John Paul ll says "the final business of our life will not be God but our summary benefit."

New life is contained in these same words--"go your way and from now on do not sin again".
We hear the same words as for the sinful woman, and if we want this same new life -- it  has been prepared for us.

Fr. Thomas

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