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Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday – Fr. Thomas

Your cross Christ is brought to the end. The prelude to Your passion is finished.

Yet, in only one moment of excruciating pain of pounding in the nails .... in human minds everything is finished.
Yet, only with eyes full of love, He looks to the eyes of His mother and lamenting, "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me." It seems that everything is finished.

Man raised his hands toward God in anger and the world grasped a dark night.
Hanging on the cross from the start of His public activity.
Hanging on the wood, He, who healed, comforted, and redeemed from misfortune.

This is a paradox of God being punished for goodness…

From this day humans were not worried about fighting with God.
Even today when we stand under the cross, we still hear offensive mockery and laughing of people convinced that God should die. That God should be cancel out of human life.  That God is a crook and liar. He can't give us happiness.

When man dies this world is finished.
And everybody will be in this situation when we say hello to his or her earthly life.

At this moment, the world for us has been robbed from us.

But, when God died the world moved forward quickly … proving to us that it does not make sense to worry about this.

Jesus felt cheated and betrayed. But, we must remember that the strong shouting: "My God, My God why have you forsaken me", flows out from His human nature.

We do not always know how to deal with suffering.
Every cross scares us, and when we are scared we want to be reunited with God.

We want God to find a solution for our sadness.
Usually, we want our calling out to Him, for Him to listen to us in our way, as if we have our own solution to the problem. 

The way of the cross and suffering is also the way God chooses to listen to us. 
We hear about this in Hebrews, “Jesus offered up prayers of submission”.

This day we must ask the question.
Why is man scared and why am I scared?

Maybe when we have anxiety about our everyday life we forget that we can hurt God.
Maybe we are more scared about tomorrow than about living in sin.
Maybe the most important things for us are: health, family, career,  rather than Who in reality loves us.
Am I aware that God does not abandon me, but very often I leave Him?
That God did not die, but that I am dead in my relationship with Him?

On the day of the death of God we go to Jesus Christ and we ask Him to show us a sense of our life and our death.

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