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Monday, April 08, 2013

Annunciation 2013

 When the angel came to Mary, she certainly felt in  her heart great anxiety.  An  unknown creature talking to her about things that she never would have expected. Her answer and consent to the plan of God had to be a big puzzle and had to be questionable.

We can only imagine what Mary felt, and thought. But on the other hand, how great must have been the faith of this woman, completely resigned to their plans, to keep the promise made to somebody who loves you. Somebody who is thinking humanly, shattered her life and erected a very difficult job to do.
How great had to be her humility because from that moment  nothing mattered to her but  a human  desire to fulfill God's plan.

How great must have been  this love since the threshold of her adult life  reigned  from the beautiful flesh of human love and spiritual love,  she devoted  herself to  her God. These are the effects of total entrustment to God of life.
When today we are faced with the mystery of the Annunciation we want  to settle accounts with our attachment to God's plans.

How many times have we promised entire confidence and to give our life to Him?  But, as a result it turns out that we can not do that. It looks a little as if, that life goes its own path and our own faith also .Often we think that God is not able to guarantee our everyday existence.

Is it possible today  that a man can give himself completely to God? Seems not.
We have too much to lose.
When we look at the life stories of people who have said yes to God, we see they left everything and started a new life.
Can we afford such a gesture?

You do not have to wait long for an answer because the heart tells us -  I am  afraid. We can not endlessly promise God something we can not do or what we are not yet ready to do.  Looking at Mary I admire her and I think that not many of us would have survived,  and I ask that she help us during our lives to prepare for such a gesture. It helps us to evaluate  ourself and see how far we are from God and His plans for us.
And FIAT let her quiet  holiness  slowly but surely prepare  our souls so that  when the day  comes,  we will want to return to God, to do his will and sing "God I come to do Your will"

Fr.  Tom

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