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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Divine Mercy Sunday 2103

Over the last 9 days, the church has been preparing for todays feast....Divine Mercy Sunday, established by Pope John Paul 2nd.

This Sunday we open our hearts to the healing action of the love of God. None of us can say that,.. "I do not need Mercy."

Very often we learn in the media about disasters, and their victims. However, as it turns out, the more information we get the more we become immune. Yes, we can afford gestures of solidarity, and as a gesture of Mercy, we say we can afford to help the victims materially. But, what good is all this if we have a closed heart? It probably has nothing to do with the Mercy that God offers us. For Mercy, which God wants to teach us, is opening up to the man in need, the spiritually blind, the depressed, and those seeking only love.
This opening will also help us find each other, and, as Francis, our Holy Father said at the beginning of his Pontificate,.... to believe that God will never tire of forgiveness. The problem is that it must parallel our asking Him for forgiveness. We are able to become people of Mercy but only with God's help.

We understand God's Mercy only.... when our lives of charity will be visible. We will be merciful only.... if it is a Mercy for us, asked by the whole world. We do not doubt the fact that we can be merciful. Sister Faustina wrote: The biggest sinner can become a saint, because of the greatness in the power of God's grace. It depends on us not to resist the action of God.

Pope Francis said: "Only someone who has experienced Mercy , who has suffered a tender caress of Mercy is happy before God."

Today, let us hear the following words which Sister Faustina once heard: "Try to see to it that everybody after meeting with us, can go away happy. Spread the "smell" of happiness around you, even if they can only touch your robes. Remember well these words, which at this moment I am speaking to you."

Perhaps many of us lack the strength for our everyday life. The problems are getting heavier. Maybe we cannot cope with the problems. Maybe we should stop to think about God as a loving Father. Maybe we do not believe in His help and forgiveness. This day is just for you....Time to trust in Jesus...Time to believe in the impossible. This, together with St. Thomas we say: "My Lord and My God."

Sisters and brothers, believe in the words spoken to Sister Faustina: "I desire that the Feast of Mercy be a refuge and a shelter for all souls, especially for poor sinners. Believe in the incredible power of these beautiful words: "Jesus, I Trust in You."

Jesus, we trust that our community will be a true family in which we will learn that Mercy. A Mercy we will experience and share.

Fr. Tom

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