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Saturday, January 25, 2014

III Sunday in the Ordinary Time

Whatever you did ...

When Christ came with good news to the earth people actually saw in Him someone who was good, just good, good in every day life, and not so that others saw him and praised. He saw the suffering of the sick, the needs of the poor and hungry, he does not have to be asked, begged or hounded. His eyes were always open to the needs of the people and healing, helping, feeding, doing good to anyone who was in need, do not humiliate anyone and not neglected. Indeed, when he passed through the land, to the people of the country the gloom a light has shone (Matthew 4:16). The Gospel that he preached is indeed good news of salvation, liberation of man. Gospel preached by Him was supported by His deeds, His good action, His kindness and love for man, which was expressed not in words but in deeds. He liberated man, bringing to people the good news, He did it free by simple good deeds.

And how is it with us? Do we proceed through the Master? Sometimes we speak beautiful words about love, preach the Good News to the poor, and we are confident that we imitate Christ. But our actions do not go hand in hand with our words. We are blind to the needs of the poor. We give but we wait to asked and pleaded, we tell others to wait for our goodness and kindness. Sometimes we pretend that we do not see. Sometimes we are really blind and just gazing at each other, we see only our own affairs and interests. Sometimes we neglect bothers and the others. We do not pay attention to their needs, their poverty, because we have so many other things to worry about, because we're so busy, so busy. If we're good, it is often so that to be seen by others and to be praised. If we're good, we do it so ostentatiously as a kind of a show. Jesus went through the land doing good. And he spoke bluntly: Whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine you did it to me. But also: Whatever you did not do for one of these least brothers of mine you did not do it to me. Do I go through the life in the footsteps of Christ, doing good? Without asking, without playing "graciousness", without big words and not on to bee seen and applauded?

Do not underestimate a man standing next to you, and sometimes waiting for your help, because you are so busy ... To much concern about YOURSELF?

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