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Friday, October 10, 2014

XXVIII Sunday in Ordinary Time – A

Isaiah 25, 6-10a;
Psalm 23;
Philippians 4, 12-14, 19-20;
Matthew 21, 1-14

The invited were not worthy ...

How many times have I been invited to the feast, the Holy Eucharist? How many times Lord has sent me His servants with an invitation? I always found some kind of excuses......? It was usually something more important to do, I was tired, I had no time or simply I did not want to accept the invitation... For the repeated invitations I reacted with growing impatience, I explained to others and to myself, that after all I am a free man, that I had time later at the older age, that God doesn’t coerce me ... and so on, etc..

Do I realize Whom I continually refuse? Constantly finding excuses do I really choose what is better, what is more important, what is more valuable...? Do I realize that eventually I will not be invited to the most important feast in eternity, or maybe I will become regarded as unworthy and kicked out?

God does not get tired repeating invitations, but when continually ignored, He will certainly not force anyone. I decide whether to accept the invitation or reject and ultimately I should not blame anyone when I don't find myself among the feasting in the Kingdom of Heaven. I will be the only responsible for it, constantly rejecting invitations- I will condemn myself for the "weeping and gnashing of teeth."

How long can I ignore the invitation of God...?
God constantly invites me.

Why do I constantly underestimate him?

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