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Sunday, December 14, 2014

upsetting Good News ....

MThe mission of the Church is to save the world (the humanity) and not to please everybody ...

You were called by Christ to bring to people the Good News, but they don't need it, they prefer the "nice news".

It's not the truth you can and should announce them and take care of but you have to be nice ... And indeed you try to be. By the way do you know that in the Middle Ages the word "nice" meant stupid and foolish. And so you are stupid and foolish trying to be nice and to avoid any "hot" and sensitive topic, so not to upset or offend anybody.

Jesus is commanding you "preach the truth" and you are oblige to talk about the weather because this is -most probably- the only one non sensitive and not touchy topic for the majority of our contemporaries.

People won't like to listen about the salvation, because this is causing a serious discomfort, especially in the situation of sin. So they prefer to talk about nothing. They are talking about the "gentleness" of Christ going to search a lost sheep, but they forget that the same Christ started His Messianic teaching with a very strong appeal "convert and believe in the Good News".

Where are we going and where will we arrive with this "nice and sissified pastoral work?"

The only answer is ... To Hell !!!

Was Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Wisdom and the Love incarnated not criticized, neglected and rejected? What else do you expect thus? The Son of God came and proposed people the salvation and the eternal life, the eternal happiness and they crucified Him, because they preferred the "nice news" and they were "upset" with the Good News!

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