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Saturday, February 09, 2013

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time - C

Peter, and some of the apostles, were trying to catch fish all night, but their efforts produced no results. Then, Jesus appeared and everything changed.

Is this not the case in our own life when we try but our effort alone is not enough? Because,first of all, we must ask for God's help. Of course . Without God's help, or intervention our bigger efforts will produce no results.

The close associates of Christ did nothing, but they wanted something.

Of course, this does not mean that we should just wait for God's help and sit patiently waiting for His intervention.

Today's gospel shows us these truths:

First, we must be truthful. Christ loves us as we are. He knows the truth about us and our weaknesses. Let us be open for God's action in us.

Second, we must have perserverance. We can never be resigned or give up.
Sometimes we imagine that God's tasks are beyond our capabilities. It is then that our work is not effective.

Third, we must be mindful or obedient like a Christian. An obedient Christian is to have trust in God.

We must relinguish or abandon our agenda and have faith that God has a better idea or vision for our life.

Simon and his companions, after a successful catch, abandoned their nets full of fish and went and followed Jesus.
It was the first step toward the unknown but they had everything they needed.
They left everything behind and they were obedient to christ.

How many times have we lost OUR sense of direction?

How many times have we felt God is "kidding us" or is "pulling our leg" for not realizing OUR plans.?

How did you feel then? ..

After our emotions settle we start to see another direction or purpose a better direction we see Gods direction a higher purpose.

Because when we have lost everything we can profit more we profit with just God. .
Fr. Thomas

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