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Friday, February 15, 2013

First Sunday of Lent ...

You have a vision of the desert it is hot the sun is beating down, you see an oasis or a mirage . This desert is not friendly reptiles are hunting, it is cold at night.
It is in this desert that Jesus encounters the devil.

In the final settlement of His encounter Jesus says to Satan, "Go out Satan!"

In this example, Jesus proves to us that we can be successful in our fight with the devil with God's help this fighting will be a triumph.

When we analyse the Holy Bible we learn that when God brings the people out from the desert, He is preparing them for this special task.Why?

Because this is the chance to hear His voice. When Jesus goes out to the desert to better hear His Father, we go as well.
But do not forget to leave at home your cell phones, computers, and other accessories.
We have a beautiful view in the desert, but where is God?
We must wait, take a nap and in this moment it will be good. But, where IS God?Where IS He?
I start to experience strange feelings. I feel that behind me is somebody who is breathing down my neck and it is NOT God. Suddenly, I hear the question?
If you are the Son of God, why do you not have better luck in your life?

Why graduate from school? There is no guarantee that you will have a good job or salary.
Why are most people around the world hungry?
Is it not a fact that you can "live on bread alone?"
Are you the Son of God?
Why do you not have certainity that He wishes you all the best in life?
Is He your reliable and trustworthy friend?
In that every step of yours is like a step of stabilty and safety even though you and your close associates do not know what tomorrow holds.
Why does He try YOUR friendship, why do you not try HIS friendship?

Are you the Son of God?
Why help and serve other people? It is demanding of oneself.
Why do only a few people see your goodness or good works?
Why do you not have the right to retribution for your goodness or good works?
Is everything that you are doing of no concern?

Now I must sustain the present temptation in my life the result of my presence
in the desert.
Show me that I can experience God or the devil so I can have knowledge of my weaknesses.
Thanks to this experience (in the desert) I have time to choose.

Sometimes it is worth it, to go to the DESERT of my life to notice the temptations which are surrounding me because then with the help from the ONE who shows me how to fight, I WILL defeat the devil.
Fr. Thomas

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