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Sunday, January 16, 2011

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time - A

The testimony of John the Baptist

A challenge for us

What do we really miss today? Money? I don't think so. Or maybe the sociological promises of paradise on earth? Or is it the certainty of a better future that we are short of? Or, did we miss today maybe, "great politicians" who care only -after all- for themselves and not for the good of people? Or maybe we are lacking the word enchanters and alchemists of speech? Or do we miss the actors and "showmen"? Certainly not!

I think that the most what we miss today are the witnesses! We are missing the witnesses with clear and transparent message, clear, honest and unambiguous witnesses, those who in their lives give testimony to the truth like John the Baptist. We miss people who are not afraid to be unpopular or contested for the direct witness to the truth. People who are not afraid to be unfashionable, or old-fashioned and shy, because they bear witness to the steadfast principles and moral standards, because the witnesses like John who are going against "the current" of fashions and political correctness. What we really miss today are people who are not ashamed to be faithful and righteous. What we miss today are people, for whom "yes" means "yes" and "no" means "no."

John the Baptist, which we know that he was a man of uncompromising and not afraid of the truth, it is for us – Christians- an example of a right and honest attitude toward the truth. He is a model of the witness. He is not afraid of those who follow Jesus, but to give witness to Him and gives clear and decisive testimony, saying: "I give witness the one who is the Son of God."

Can we also give witness to our faith? Or rather are we ashamed to admit that we are honest, upright, and frank, that Christ is our Master and Lord of our life? Are we not ashamed to be the witnesses of Jesus, because it is sometimes difficult, out of fashion, because it requires too much, because it is inconvenient?

- For a deeper reflection - Is the Church not criticized, is God not neglected or ignored precisely because of the fact that I am not a clear and transparent witness?

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