The most difficult times can produce the greatest spiritual blessings. God truly knows just what we need at every moment!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

V Sunday in Ordinary Time - 2012

Lord everybody is searching for you …
Suffering Job and the multitudes bringing their sick to Christ, something which is very easy to imagine today. Job's lament is the cry we all feel within ourselves when we become seriously ill, or, perhaps, even more, when someone we love, a spouse, a child or a parent become ill or even die. Humanity has made great progress, we reached the stars, but illness, suffering and death could not be eliminated. It even seems that it is more present in our societies, but shamefully concealed from the eyes of the masses. The disease and suffering is not mentioned, because it is a shame for a twenty-first century man.

And Christ the Healer, who with one simple gesture is treating the most serious diseases of body and soul ... how much would we need Him today, with our patients and our Health Services...? All who call out to the Lord are healed.  Some are healed physically.  Some are healed emotionally, able to accept their condition in life.  All receive spiritual healing as they unite their pain to the Cross of Christ.

Yes, Christ is certainly well sought after also today. And not just as a wonderful doctor of human diseases physical, mental and spiritual. He is also wanted as a friend, a road, as the Sense, as Happiness, as the Truth, and eventually as Life itself. But if it is so and He is sought after, why so few can find Him? We who carry Christ within us, carry within us the one who heals. So why He is still unknown for so many? Why so many are still living in turmoil and desolation?

Probably because his followers do not know how to show Him to others.
And I? Do I know, do I show Him in my daily life?

What kind of Christian, what kind of disciple of Christ am I? Since so much are looking for Him, why I cannot show Him to others?

I cannot –maybe- because I am only a Christian in big words and wordy declarations, and not by clear and simple gestures, the good life, the good provided on a daily basis to others, by kindness, warmth, kindness, mercy, forbearance, service, unselfishness... .  If we believe in Him, if we trust in Him, then we refuse to join Job's cry of despair.  We recognize that Christ is present when we need Him the most, healing our internal and our external turmoil.

And why is not it this way? Why do not I show Jesus in my life? Is it because it is so difficult? And yet the same I expect from others, I hope I get the same thing. Because all around me all the same, Christians and followers of Christ ... And maybe because Christian, Catholic, a disciple of Christ is only on Sundays, on Christmas Eve, or on the occasion of a charity?

"Lord, everyone is looking for you, where have you hidden yourself? Everyone is looking for you?" Is it not true that I myself, I hid you in my tiny, private religiosity...?

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