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Sunday, April 22, 2012

III Sunday of Easter B - 2012

III Sunday of Easter B - 2012

We can see several obvious conclusions coming out of the fact of Christ's Resurrection:

-         Who believes in Christ is not anymore a slave of the Law and the sin, the believer is the child of God and free of the slavery to sin,

-         J. Christ is for us the only hope and the only Lord and Saviour,

-         The sin and death although are still part of our earthly reality, but we are not helpless and defenceless in front of this realities, because Christ is the winner, the champion the conqueror of the death and of the sin,

-         In Him we are able to overcome the sin and to win over the death by the resurrection in Christ

-         We are the witnesses of the Good News, we are the light of the world,

-         Jesus is among us and with us until the end of time.

All this is however basing on the one fundamental fact, that I believe in God and I believe (I trust) God.

Pope Benedict XVI is preparing the Year of Faith which will start on October this year …

In the Insert you will find the first part of his pastoral letter ("Porta Fidei") – the Door of Faith preparing the Year of Faith …

In the letter Pope is sharing with us His concerns and anxieties concerning especially the apparent collapse of Christianity caused by a false understanding of the renewal of the Vatican II, the failure in catechesis and a serious breakdown in the understanding and participating in the Holy Eucharist. And He proposes the REDISCOVERY OF FAITH.

Full text of the Papal Letter "Porta Fidei".

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