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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Freedom ...

Compare the stages of your personal sin with the stages and effects of the original sin. Exactly the same ... shockingly the same.

Why the sin, each sin has such a dramatic and traumatic effects? Because turning your back to God you are going away from Life, from Love, from the Source of existence, from the Existence itself, and so you are choosing the destruction, the death, the disorder ... And this is causing in you the deepening feeling of lost, of sadness, depression and anger, and nihilism.

Individually and on the social level. What is going on in the Western societies? Increase of sin, folly of perversion, catastrophic growing of lust, greediness and pride and at the same time increase of suicides and overwhelming sadness and depression.

Humanity is going nowhere, is sliding rapidly into the abyss of Hell which is the absolute "freedom - anarchy" of choice and at the same time the total chaos, madness of evil, sadness and dying without death. People in Hell would like to die, to stop to exist and they cannot ...And this is increasing their suffering caused by the Absolute Absence of God, by the total absence of any, even the smallest good. They are aware of the fact that it is their free choice, and that they are there not because of God's punishment but because of their free will, this is their choice, their freedom. They "liberated" themselves from "the tyranny" of God's commandments at the same time liberating themselves from good, from love, from life ... And so they are FREE!!

It's frightening, it's terrifying ...

Almighty God free me from my stupid freedom!!!

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