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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time year C

In Cana of Galilee,does Jesus wish to fascinate His disciples with His extra ordinary abilities or does He wish to please the people at the wedding by saving the best wine for the last?
Of course Not.

Jesus never used His power as a gimmick. He never wanted to call attention to Himsels His miracles always taught a lesson, but they were never to be a form of entertainment or of sensationalism. . This was His first miracle and the people were astonished.
However, there was more to come.

Every time Jesus focused on the actual man and saw in him what was needed to bring him to God.

Mary invited the servants to obedience to Jesus, and by the servants following Jesus?s request, they in turn, show us, that for our salvation we need trust and humility. If the servants had refused to follow this invitation Jesus could not have performed His miracle.

God needs our cooperation and acceptance for salvation. He never forces us against our will.
God will do everything for us but, we must make an effort to receive His grace and use it wisely, therefore, giving back to God.

These efforts are: faith, trust and obedience.

In today's Gospel, we are like servants, to be obedient to God, to have faith in God, and to trust in God.

And by doing these things, Jesus will do miracles in us and change us like He changed the water into wine.

Fr. Thomas

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