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Saturday, March 29, 2014

IV Sunday of Lent - A

Light of the World

A strange blindness which grips contemporary societies, it's not a disease of eyes, but of the soul. The man then sees what he wants to see and the way he wants to see it. This disease distorts reality and causes the blind man to live in a world of delusion and mirages, ​​not in the real world. The effects of this type of disease are twofold – we not only don't notice our neighbor living next to us, but God also disappears from our sight. Even more, this fragmentary perception is often only a projection of our desires and expectations, and we don’t have a contact with the real objects of reality. This is why Christ offers us a healing, restoration of sight, so we can see the world as God created it and how God sees it (1 Samuel 16:7). Jesus would like to heal us, because our perspective is neither true nor profound, and the appearances are wrong. What we take for persistent and important; it's only transitory and secondary. God has different perspective and He sees otherwise. He selects what is weak and what is despised by man, that no one boast before Him (1 Corinthians 1:25-29). This divine optics, the perception of the world illuminated by the splendor of God's truth, seems sometimes to be unacceptable for us, and yet the light that Christ brings to the world, is the true light that enlightens every man (John 1:9 ), if only man does not want to stubbornly persist in darkness (John 8:12 , 12:35 ) he can be healed and see.

Maybe today, in our modern times, enlightened by so many apparent lights and glittering decorations, we need to see and not be seduced and dazzled by these false lights of the theatre, that go off after the spectacle is over? Maybe we should not search for increasingly sophisticated glasses and contact lenses, but look out for the supernatural light to recognize what in our lives really matters? (Ezekiel 12:2 )

Do not tell me that you see, when perhaps a long time ago you lost your sight of what is the most important in your life, when you see only what you want, and most often only the end of your nose.

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