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Friday, January 02, 2015

II Sunday of Christmas

Sir 24, 1-2.8-12
Eph 1, 6.15-18
John 1, 1-18

In the beginning was the Word ... He came to His own and His own people did not accept Him ...

The words of today's Gospel are a repetition of what we heard on the Christmas Day. It's a great hymn of St. John, where the author, the youngest apostle of Christ gives us in full the profundity of the theological truth about Jesus the Son of God - the Word made flesh, Light, Life and Truth. These words are so beautiful and extremely profound, but it seems that they are difficult to understand and sometimes, "we let them pass by near or over our heads." However, I think one needs to grow up in a certain intelligence, to understand their depth and surrender to their inner strength and power, so that they become full of meaning and splendor for the listener. You have to let you be absorbed by its wisdom and taste them slowly and without haste, like poetry, which reveals its profundity only to experts. Unfortunately, we often cannot afford that, we are much too busy and too rational.

What John the Apostle wants to tell us, is primarily a bottomless truth about the mystery of the Incarnation, which becomes more understandable when you combine it with the mystery of the Redemption. God became man, lived in the human world, from His fullness He gave us "grace upon grace". This alone can clarify and justify the coming of God into the world in human flesh. All that we are and what we will be, all we have and we can have, absolutely everything, we have from Him and through Him ...

John in his prologue also highlights another truth. Sad and frightening truth, the truth that this God, God-Man, Who came to His creature, by this creature was rejected, unrecognized, neglected, and even  ... negated. It is, as if a product, furniture, table, car produced by a human ... told the creator: "I do not know you, you do not exist, I created you, you're just a fabrication of my sick imagination ..."

Often, that's what happens when kids wanting a freedom or "emancipation" with some incredibly perverse mentality reproach and with absurd bitterness turn to their parents, saying: "I am in the world where I did not ask to be! Why did you give me a birth? I do not know you and do not I want to know you! And then, what parents can say? How can they respond to this kind of "wisdom"?

Is it not that I'm resembling this capricious and spoiled child who wants to "liberate himself from an oppressive parental care"?

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