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Friday, February 13, 2015

VI Sunday in the Ordinary Time - B

- Leviticus 13,1-2. 45-46 ;
- 1 Corinthians 10,31-11,1 ;
- Mk 1,40-45

Lord, if you want you can heal me

Is not this the misfortune to be a leper? In the West we do not have a clue, because nobody suffering from this disease. However, there are countries in the modern world, where it is still a serious problem. Working several years as a missionary in Africa, I had the opportunity many times to see lepers, talk to them and listen to their stories. The disease begins with a small yellow spot on the skin, which in time grow, they become harder and festering. You can not deal with them. Body in these places begins to rot and fall off. Most often there are attacked the fingers, toes, arms, sometimes cheeks or eye sockets ... lepers are haunted by their appearance, people move away from them, run away. They are aware that they became an outcast that they are no longer among the healthy. The affected part of the body -usually limbs or face- become crippled, rot, stink, fester, and after some time dead fall. It is a terrible disease. Only a miracle can make a difference, to find remedy.

With sin is the same. -as it begins with leprosy- it starts from small, sometimes imperceptible changes, yellowing of the skin. And then ... faster and faster, in an irreversible way, everything starts to rot, stink and fall out ... People are moving away from you, run away, you become an outcast. It seems to you (at the beginning), that it is harmless, that you can deal with it, make a difference ... That it's treatable. And the disease progresses faster and is spreading, causing increasing destruction and desolation. You become a leper. These scabs and wounds cover more and more areas of your life, and you have to deal with it without remedy. Cry then as soon as you se your situation: " Lord, if you like, only you can make me clean! " And you will hear: " I want to! be thou clean. "because he came to the sick and the lepers, the suffering and the sinners", and not to the smug and healthy bigheads. 

There is only one basic principle ... sin just as leprosy can not be ignored !!! Unfortunately, in today's post-industrial and modernistic society, we do not want to admit that there is a leprosy of sin. And this is a disaster. The greatest sin and biggest misery of modern man is prideful belief that THERE IS NO SIN !!!

Christ is ready to show us the gesture of kindness: "Jesus, moved with compassion, stretched out his hand, touched him, saying, I will; be thou clean ." But we in our pride and arrogance are not able to come to Him and as "a leper kneel down, and ask him: If you want, you can make me clean . " We say: "I do not have leprosy, I'm not sick, I do not need cleaning. I am pretty good".

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