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Thursday, May 28, 2015

collapse ...

Collapse of f Western Catholicism is not caused exclusively by the transformation of secular civilization, that is, the growth of wealth, prosperity and pride amongst its people but, unfortunately, also by weak and non-specific pastoral care and guidance. Far too many priests took the easy way out; they all but abandoned the confessionals, abused the liturgy, and became lost in sterile discussions, social gatherings, and unproductive meetings over coffee. In seeking refuge in politically correct actions, nothing remained clear, especially to the laity.
The current situation may, indeed, be the moment just before the "last extinguishes the light." The situation is frightful and dramatic...
Moreover, despite the fact that many people are aware of this situation and many also perceive the risks involved, it seems that most of them pretend not to see, do not want to see or are blind to the consequences! There are also a lot of those who, because of a desire to conform and a fear of losing their positions and privileges remain indifferent and inert, keeping mute and taking no action.
Those who do see the problems and try only to bring them forward and into the light so as to have an honest exchange and dialogue about  them, are viewed as fatalists, fanatics, pessimists, and negativistic.
Similarly, when Jesus spoke of the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple, nobody wanted to listen to Him. Was He, too, a fatalist, a fanatic and a pessimist, focusing on the negative and “doom and gloom”?

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