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Friday, November 20, 2015

Christ the King

Today's Sunday we are celebrating solemnity of Christ the King. In His constant teaching He tried to convince people that His Father prepared the place for everybody in the Kingdom of God. We did certainly have an opportunity to hear Jesus's words that His Kingdom is not from this World. (J18,36) But apparently we do not understand the meaning of the Kingdom of God. We know that in Gods Kingdom the eternity consist in worship of our Creator.. But do we really think that throughout the whole eternity will be doing nothing else then singing Hosanna and Alleluia. Our imagination (representation) of the kingdom of God is strongly influenced by the images of our contemporary, earthly empires, where the abundance, wealth and luxury are reigning together with autocracy and arrogance of the rulers.

Very often we try to understand the reality of heaven using our human limited capacities. Very often also, in trying this we finish with contradiction or false images.

Let us see for example the cross of Christ - The throne of God's love. It is immediately visible that our logic is not the logic of God, our understanding of love is not Gods understanding, our understanding of Gods Kingdom is too short, inadequate to describe to reality of God's Kingdom. This reality is certainly not the reality of luxury, splendor, arrogance but the reality of infinite of love.

Opened arms of Christ on the cross -during His crucifixion- are nothing else that the gesture of invitation. By this gesture God is inviting us to participate in His Kingdom of love. He is proposing that we accept this kingdom of love in our daily life. Let us not waste the time for useless imaginations but let us try to implement His Kingdom on earth. This is what we pray for in OUR Father - your Kingdom come your will be done.

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