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Saturday, November 04, 2006

05.11. 2006 - 31 Sunday in Ordinary Time

Certain American broadcasting company announced the competition for a radio programme under the title: ?Theological and pastoral aspects of the Jesus? commandment of love in the light of the contemporary world?s sociological changes and challenges of globalisation.? Everybody who was invited to participate in the broadcasted discussion, was oblige to prepare a speech on the main topic, to present the problems we are facing in our society because of the lack of understanding of the Gospel and the indifference in human relationships.

So the people of the different specialisation prepared very scientific speeches and discourses, knowing that the main prize was quite elevated. There were all nervously sitting in an attending lobby and waiting to be invited for the recording session.

Finally one by one they were going to the recording studio, separately, along the corridor where -in one corner- somebody was simulating the cardiac arrest. The whole scene was recorded by a hidden camera. Different specialists in sociology, psychology, theology and all other sociological and human sciences, and social services were passing by and it was impossible to not see the man prostrated on the floor. Majority passed by, without even noticing the man. Some of them were glancing nervously at their watches so to finally decide to continue hurriedly to the studio, and not be too late for the discussion about love and indifference in the society. The prize was finally pretty high.

Among invited more than 40 persons, all specialists in the different sociological and social domains ?. only one, elderly looking man decided to stop, search the telephone and call the ambulance. He was obviously late for the discussion. And in the discussion he was rather week and did not impress very much the others with his discourse.

But ??. to the amazement of all he won the first prize and was rewarded by the broadcasting company.

When, afterwards, the recorded images, from the hidden camera were shown to the invited specialists along with their speeches ?. You can imagine what was their reaction?

Pope John Paul II said:

?in our commercialised world we are certainly not lacking the highly specialized scientists and sociologists; we are rather lacking the witnesses, who will be able to show the poor people that love is not an empty word.?

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