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Friday, February 21, 2014

Catholics (???) disagree with the teaching of the Church or with Christ?

Worldwide poll of Catholics shows disagreement with Church on abortion, marriage, contraception ...

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 20, 2014 ( – A worldwide poll of self-described Catholics shows significant disagreement with Catholic doctrine among many Church members.

In a poll commissioned by the Spanish television station Univision, majorities of 12,038 Catholics in 12 countries expressed beliefs against Catholic doctrine on issues like abortion, same-sex “marriage,” and contraceptive use. The Church opposes all three.

According to the poll, while Pope Francis received 87 percent approval, 57 percent of Catholics thought abortion should be legal “in some cases,” with nine percent declaring support any time. Seventy-eight percent of respondents support contraception use, 66 percent back same-sex “marriage,” and 51 percent believe women should be priests.

Thirty-eight percent of respondents believe divorce and remarriage outside of the Church means a person is living in sin, and 47 percent believe priests should be allowed to marry.

The poll was taken in nine languages and on five continents. Univision says the 12 countries in which those polled live “represent 61% of the world’s Catholic population.”

Comment ...

A long period of the poor catechesis is one of the elements. Pope Benedict was very strong about this once during the "ad limina" of American bishops in 2008 and later with French bishops.

But also this what is known as "American sexual revolution" of the '60, what was the effect of the sociological depression caused by the infamous war in Viet Nam. If we add to this a natural tendency of the human nature to look for what is easy and less demanding, the effect of the "supermarket society", very bad reception of the Vatican II, very week priestly formation, worldwide individualism, strong and very intelligent pressure of the satanic forces, weakness of the bishops and lack of the spirit of sacrifice, lack of prayer, and even the total "reorientation" of the theology of the Eucharist from Jesus Sacrifice to "community oriented meetings" .... we can see the effects and rather mournful scene all over the world.

I know, I sound like Michael Voris or Jeremiah ... but I strongly agree that the first and the most important thing which has to be done, is the correct and humble diagnosis. There is not a realistic possibility of healing without serious diagnosis. .

This is why I think that Your catechesis, Biblical Studies, pastoral activities in the parish are as much important as my preaching, and this is why I encourage You to continue it with sincerity and zeal. . The reality cannot be transformed by Pope, or even the College of cardinals, but by faithful and honest, courageous and sincere Catholics. Because this is the Church of Christ, the Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ.

God bless You, and OREMUS PRO INVICEM, let us pray mutually.

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