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Saturday, February 08, 2014

V Sunday in the Year A

Light and salt

We are told that as Christians we are to be hidden and not get out, do not flaunt our faith, our beliefs, our piety and religiosity. The world wants us to close our belief in the four walls of the church, to silence, to break down our lives in two parts: the life on every day, which should be a-religious and the life on holidays and on Sundays. The whole modern world is trying to prove to us that faith is the backwardness, the Middle Ages, something to be ashamed of, what you should not show or flaunt. He proves that the state, society, daily life, school, learning, work, leisure, entertainment, everything in our lives is to be a-religious, secular, not involving our religious convictions and believes. Example? Statement by the Prime Minister of France at the Conference of the Laeken European Union, about the secularist ion of life in Europe. And what does it in the end mean? Nothing else like sentencing religion in exile, proving that religion is something completely personal and embarrassing, showing that the believer, is the second or even third social category.

And the answer of Christ to such attempts-in today's Gospel: "Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds" - not beautiful words and bombastic marches and processions, but your good deeds! It's not about bigotry and fanaticism, nor a religious fundamentalism, but bright and clear testimony. Do not be ashamed to be believer, a witness to Christ. Our life is not and should not be a-religious, devoid of religion and morality, but it just should be soaked and saturated with Christ. Our lives should be holy, good and religious. We are to be the salt of the earth, for that world, laundered of religion, of morality and feelings. We have to be a light shining brightly and not smoldering and smoky candle. Salt that has lost its flavor is suitable only for disposal. Candle, which does not give you the light is not anymore useful.

How to believe today to be truly the salt of this world?
How to believe today, to be a light to the world in his dark, to be bright and clear point?

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