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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The "church of nice" or the synagogue of Satan?

Jesus brought us The Good News and not the "nice news". So, we don’t accept the Good News and we try to make it nice and fitting our human expectations.
·        He proposes eternal life and not an easy life. This is why so many people reject Him, because he is demanding and challenging in His teaching.
·        He proposes long-term relationship and we prefer some kind of short term entertainment. This is why the Church "should necessarily change" the Christ's teaching about
o   the indissolubility of marriage,
o   sacredness of life,
o   human sexuality,
o   catastrophe of sin and
o   necessity of conversion
to fit the humans' expectations of an easy life. This is to not upset anybody, because the biggest sin one can commit is to upset somebody.

Some are even using a very diabolical reasoning and threatening: "If the Church doesn't accommodate to the needs of the contemporary people, to our expectations we will abandon the Church and go "directly" to Christ!" Such reasoning is absolutely perverse and even diabolic … it is separating Christ from the Church founded ultimately by Him …

Is it at all possible? Blessed Isaac of Stella, abbot in his writings says:

"The Church is incapable of forgiving any sin without Christ, and Christ is unwilling to forgive any sin without the Church. The Church cannot forgive the sin of one who has not repented, who has not been touched by Christ; Christ will not forgive the sin of one who despises the Church. What God has joined together, man must not separate. This is a great mystery, but I understand it as referring to Christ and the Church."

It is not the Church which has to adjust and accommodate its teaching to the caprices of the contemporary "Catholics" searching for niceness … This is sure!
As says Cardinal. Gerhard Ludwig Müller:

"The Church did not invent himself what She teaches. The Church's teaching is rooted in the person of Christ, the mystery of God's self-revelation."

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