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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday 2013 – Fr. Tom

Here we have Easter. How different is the feast of the prior four months.
Difficult feast.

Difficult for us to imagine the fact of the Resurrection.

Today, we do not have a creche with the little sweet baby Jesus......
We do not have the beautiful face of Mary.
We do not have a happy Joseph.

It is not a great happiness like a man's birthday
Surely though it is closer to us and more human.

It is an empty tomb that scared the apostles and we are looking around for everything and understand nothing.
Today, we look in the empty tomb... in one way we must be happy because, the church tells us about this truth. But in another way when we broaden the great mystery it overwhelms us and we are afraid.

Today, we ask the question:
Why are we afraid?
Why is it difficult for us to believe in the reality of the empty tomb?

Probably because, if we believe we would change our life completely.
We would have a belief that death can be defeated and that satan would be beat.
Christ lives in each moment and He can physically meet with us.

We would be like Mary Magdalene, not to be ashamed,.... to have tears of penance and tears of happiness.
We would be like John, never ask but live in truth.

We would be like Peter,never to deny his Master and this friendship would be sealed like a martyrs death.
We would have belief that I is not just my body threatened today in an economic crisis...but, first of all that I am spirit who was created for the Resurrection.
We would stop complaining and start to rejoice.
We wouild have an anticipation and count the days to our death, because it is the one way to meet Jesus.

Don't be afraid, don't be sad, don't be depressed, don't complain because the Resurrected Christ wants to come into our life and He wants our empty tomb.

Fr. Tom

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