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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Palm Sunday - C

Today we begin Holy Week.

The week of Christ's triumph over death and sin. Moreover, when we hear a description of the solemn entry of Christ into Jerusalem, we see the love and affection which was a welcome there. We do the same thing today, as they did. The palm of our hands attached to a welcome ceremony singing ...."Hosanna".

But the great joy to welcome Jesus' solemn atmosphere quickly turned into a hostile cry, "Crucify him." Jesus, was first surrounded and greeted by crowds, but in times of suffering, at the end of His life,... He is alone, surrounded by only a few, friendly people.
Today, on the threshold of Holy Week it is import_ant to understand, and even more often likely to say that we are the crowd.

In solemn moments of our lives we are able to give everything to Jesus, we want to accompany him, to be like John who remained with Christ to the end.
However, when in our lives the moments of doubt begin, we lack the courage to be with him, to boldly stand on His side. We often sleep just like the other apostles. It is in those moments when we should be with Him. Maybe this is not on our part a palpable cry... "Crucify "..... but, no response is often simply permission.

Let us, come out of the crowd, let us be open to the new love of Jesus, and maybe after a long break to invite Him into our life. Then after all the events of this week, Easter morning does not just last a few moments, but, that the Risen Christ, is always with us and He can enjoy our presence not just on holidays.

Fr. Tom

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