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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Third Sunday of Lent - C

We love sensationalism. Everyday in the media we hear about some world sensation but usually it is bad information, only sometimes marginally good information.
Sometimes behind it all we are neutral to this information, or, sometimes it disturbs us, and sometimes it changes our life but more so it changes the life of the nation.

Sometimes we hear sensational religious information.

Nowadays we have heard many comments about the resignation of Pope Benedict the XVl. It was a sensational story for the whole world. How many comments have we heard as to why? And what will be the result of all this?

We can hear of sensationalism of a miracle which can more or less deepen our faith and our spiritual life but, we must know that authentic religious life is a normal everyday relationship with God.

Religious life must be like our regular daily life in our families  and not an extra ordinary phenomenon or reality.

If we are thirsty for these extra ordinary phenomena why do we not see, just once in our life the most important miracle that we are a child of God.

He is our Father and He is constantly ready to forgive our sins and our unfaithfulness.  Is it not sensational information especially in our world? Where there is a lot of hatred and a general lack of agreement.

Lent is the perfect time for us to build a stronger bond with Him.

 We need an essential change in our lives, as we hear in today's gospel.
God assigns for everyone appropriate tasks. He does not just plant us in His vineyard, (in our world), or just give us talents and abilities, (our gifts), but He also carries us and  continually surrounds us with His grace.

Our task is to completely trust  in God and bear the fruits. If in this moment we do not produce any fruits, we have another chance to repent.

We must remember that God is patient and merciful, but during our life when it is time for the harvest we must give Him our good fruits.

This is sensational information for us and we must start to think of the good fruits that we already have. How does it taste our fruits our life bitter or sweet and full of good ingredients?

Fr. Thomas

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