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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Holy Thursday 2013 – Fr. Tom

We begin the Triduum a time in which we will witness the unusual transition of Jesus Christ from life to life.

Today, we are in the Upper Room.The greatest  importance of this meeting is bread. Jesus takes in His hands the bread says  the blessing and prays,  breaks the bread and says this is my Body, which will be given up for you.

In this way, the bread became bread for the disciples.

Is the bread not the basic staple? It is obvious for all. The same bread was also present in the earthly life of Jesus.

After forty days of fasting, we remember Satan proposed to Jesus to transform the rocks into bread.

In another place we see how Jesus multiplied a few loaves of bread and fed a few thousand people.

Today, in the Upper Room from  bread, Jesus does the same.

Since then, everyday, during the mass, Christ through the hands of the priest transforms the bread. Multiplies it in order to feed all people and His body is then present with us on earth.

Bread became mystery of love.

Bread became mystery of accomplishment.                         Why?

Today, Christ does not just break and give us bread. He does not just preach the commandments and teach us. Today, like in all His life we see Him in the ministry of washing the feet.

Christ not only speaks about love but He does this. One who loves... wants to be always close and a loving person and in this sign of bread He stays with us.

We see that this bread unusual bread, has three dimensions:

--The mystery of love.
--The mystery of accomplishment.
--The mystery of presence.

St. Albert Chmielowski says beautiful words:  "we should be good like bread."  For this reason, everybody who will be hungry can break this bread and be happy and feel satisfied.

With this message of today we must go out of our Upper Room. Christ gives us His body to transform our life and added for us the strength to be better disciples.

As we reach for bread daily food invite others that they may have the chance to reach for love from our heart.

 As the bread is available without limitations, so our service should be available for all. But we must remember, bread should taste and smell fresh and so our love should always be fresh, such as bread is nutritious our service must be real help and added encouragement and a reason to live for other people.

How do we do this?
If we do not feed of the bread of life fresh consecrated bread our love will be stale our life will be stale and our helpfulness will be rejected.

For this reason, Christ gives us His heavenly body.

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