The most difficult times can produce the greatest spiritual blessings. God truly knows just what we need at every moment!

Sunday, June 09, 2013

10th Sunday

Right now we are a witness to a very difficult moment in the life of every person.
The farewell to a loved one. In today's gospel, it is not difficult to imagine a mother's despair. The death of her son was a huge disaster..... Losing her son,... she lost all,.... becoming quite lonely.

Witnessing this misfortune, Jesus stood at the side of the road and seeing the despair, said, " Do not cry", and then touching the pallet, He said, "Young man, rise up." Restoring the boy to life. 

Life is for living that is our goal.

The desire to live is something natural. Death is something contradictory and contrary to our nature. While at each and every moment we are approaching our departure from this world we must be sure that in the Resurrection of Christ we see the empty tomb.

Often we say, we are born to die but, as believers in God, we add we must die to be born into eternal life.

At the time of our Baptism, we entered the same road as Jesus. So we have the opportunity to meet Him now and after death.

The problem is, that very often we choose a different way, which seems to us to be better.

Unfortunately, this is the risk when we do not meet with  Jesus.
Only Jesus is the Lord of life and death  and only He can restore us back to life.

Why not choose this path?

We must choose the way by which He will have the opportunity to touch the pallet restoring us to life.

 Fr. Tom

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