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Friday, June 14, 2013

Do I trust God?

The more you trust God the more you will be given out of His bounty and His love. He is THE GIVER an He is a very generous Giver, He loves to give and He is giving even Himself in the Sacramnet of the Body and Blood. He is the Generous Giver and the most precious Gift. And you will never be able to embrace the generosity and the beauty of this Gift. The whole eternity will be not enough to reach the end of this Gift.

But once you stop to trust, once you start to trust yourself or anything, or anybody else .... He retires because He cannot compete with any other things or person, who is only His creation. There is no competition between the Creator and the creation. So the basic attitude toward God is the attitude of full, absolute trustfulness, childlike attitude of trust, honesty and faith.

Unhappily so many people even Catholics are rejecting this attitude because of the mentality of "immediate gratification", or selfishness ...  They don't trust God, because they cannot reject the substitutes of happiness, the ersatz of good, the apparences of value.

And this is why they are not able to receive all the treasures God prepared for them because their heart is full of junk, and there is no place for God's far more precious gifts.

And this is the sad, very sad reality of so many contemporary people. They are running and searching and they are constantly unhappy, non satisfied, restless and they don't know why ...
What is blocking any kind of help is the boastful attitude of pride expressed in the conviction "I know better what is good and what is not good for me. Even God will not dictate me what is good and what is evil!" 

This is a kind of self condemnation, because even God is not able to pierce,to penetrate this kind of shield ...

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