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Saturday, June 15, 2013

11th Sunday - 2013

Her sins, which were many, have been forgiven; hence she has been shown great love. 
Again love has prevailed.

This woman had great courage. Surely, she was aware that by coming to Jesus, He could have ignored her and shown disdain.

However, she wanted to change her life but even more she wanted to taste true love and forgiveness.
Full of tears of desire flooded her eyes when she met the warm eyes of Jesus. Everything changed.
She suddenly saw that someone respected her as a human being and looked at her with love. She saw that she had a chance to begin again.
She desired forgiveness and waited for Jesus' words -"Your sins are forgiven".

Love and forgiveness is the central theme of actions of God.
This theme should also be the goal for Christians.

Why forgive?
Because forgiveness brings peace and agreement. It brings joy to the heart of the one who is forgiving and greater joy to the heart of the one who is forgiven.
God loves us and He is still forgiving.

We cannot speak of true love until we forgive.

Until we learn this our heart will  be open only to someone. It will never be an open and loving heart.

It will be hard if partially closed growing in aversion, suspicion, jealousy, and even a desire for revenge.
It will be a restless heart, not peaceful because we cannot love God and hate man.

Today, we can come to Christ, crying or weeping and touch His feet and ask for His forgiveness.

Let us pray also for His love to transform us and give us the courage and strength to forgive.

 Fr. Tom

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