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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Corpus Christi Sunday

The miracle of multiplying bread is symbolized at the Eucharist.

Jesus Christ gives man this meal but in today’s gospel Jesus not only feeds the crowds... but He wants to show us that everybody who calls out to Him will be heard.


It is not just about physical hunger, but also for every other kind of hunger. Daily bread gives us strength. The people fed in the desert have the strength to be with Jesus and hear His voice.

 So, what is the power of Spirtual bread? Eucharistic bread?


It not only gives us physical strength but above all it strengthens our spiritual power.

This truth is very difficult to understand, only because, it is a "Great Truth".

Jesus Christ in Holy Communion is true God and true Man. This is the source of our spiritual strength.

So often we feel weak spiritually. We feel ill and lack the desire to live. We are afraid of the present and the future.

So we must reach out for this bread because every hour of worry and anxiety is due to the fact that we think that God does not participate in our life. That He is far away from our problems.  However, He  is  with us, He  WANTS  to be with us. In a moment He will change bread into His body...for us to be one with Him. For He who loves wants to be close to the beloved.


I wonder, how much does He love us?

He wants very much to be present in our lives in our daily food the Holy  Eucharist.

This is so amazing. God wants to be easily reachable  and available as our daily bread.


Eucharist is not only Communion for us, but it guides us to unity, to sharing, and to love like God does for us.

We can see now that He needs us to build His church.


Let us go back to our homes today with the belief that Christ wants us to rebuild our spiritual strength, but, by our hands He wants to rebuild His Body which is His church.

Fr. Thomas

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