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Wednesday, January 08, 2014


We are living not yet in the age of great apostasy. This is still to come, but I will dare to say that we are living in the age of a great confusion, a huge disorientation, disarray and disastrous ambiguity. Unhappily those who suppose to help us to go the straight and sure way are causing even more riddles and puzzles. I fully agree with someone who wrote on one discussion's portal: "When the shepherd is more concerned with the feelings of his sheep than their souls, there is a problem. His primary role is to show us the way to become saints; not to make us happy in this life."

In this situation -I think- the words of Pope John II are prophetic. He said in His Apostolic Exhortation, "Reconciliatio et paenitentia", (nr. 25): "In order to overcome conflicts and to ensure that normal tensions do not prove harmful to the unity of the Church, we must all apply to ourselves the word of God; we must relinquish our own subjective views and seek the truth where it is to be found, namely in the divine word itself and in the authentic interpretation of that word provided by the Magisterium of the Church."

The quest for popularity and political correctness are the very dangerous attitudes, causing much more harm to the Church than the open errors, lies and revolt. This is exactly the situation of the "wolfs disguised in the sheepskin", Jesus is warning us against.

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