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Thursday, January 09, 2014

is the Gospel "all inclusive" ?

Very often we can hear apparently very correct and convincing reasoning that: if God loves everyone and He does not exclude anyone from salvation, so we do not need to speak about sins, and -God forbid- judge someone or to pay attention to someone's mistakes and sins. Since the language of the Gospel is "all inclusive", what rights do I have to point out someone's mistakes and sins? Why do I dare to do it? The Lord Jesus is preaching only the forgiving love and not condemnation or judgment ...

As arguments from the Gospel are quoted for example the words of Christ:
"Judge not, so that you should not be judged" - (Matthew 7:1-5)
"Leave it until the harvest ... " - (Matthew 13:29-30)

Quite strange, convoluted and very dangerous is this reasoning. Because if Jesus is -according to the "permissive exegetes"- so lenient and liberal, allowing all and everything, why is He so strongly fighting against Pharisees, why is He "haunting us" with visions of the final judgment, why -since the beginning of His teaching- He constantly calls to repentance (Mark 1:15), why He forgives so many sins and establishes the Sacrament of Reconciliation?? After all, this is not needed, since God so loves all people - even those who neglect and mock Him!

Is it not so that God really and certainly does not exclude anyone from salvation, but!! allows that if He gave us a real freedom that means, we can exclude ourselves from salvation. And this is something what the "permissive and lenient theologians" do not want to accept at all. In this way they are negating the reality of the greatest gift we received from God, the gift of freedom. Given that, (no matter what I'm doing) God loves us all in "all inclusive way", so He will lead us to salvation forcibly and against our free will. And in this way my freedom is only apparent and dummy.

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