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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Febryary 2, - The presentation of the Lord

My eyes have seen your salvation

Christ offered in the temple, according to the Law of Moses becomes -following the words of Simeon: "a light for revelation to the Gentiles" or, as St. John says in his Gospel (John 1:9 ) - Christ is "the true light that enlightens every man that comes into the world". What does it mean this very theological formulation in my daily life? Does Christ really illuminate something in my everyday life, in my struggle with problems, diseases, problems in my work, in the family, in my home, at school? What does it mean that Christ is to be the light of my life?

The light is not in order to look at it, because you can go blind, eyes hurt and weep if you look directly at the light, and after staring at the light man sees nothing. The light is there to illuminate what is around us, we use it to be able to see clearly, move, read, and perform our daily activities, live normally. Without light, we live in darkness and nothing is visible. Even the most beautiful objects are not perceived, cannot be admired, are lost in gloom and darkness, where is no light.

The light is to be shed upon me, so that I can better see my live and make better decisions, so that my eyes can see sense and meaning of my life and my death, so that I can see that in the world I'm not alone, that they are also other people around me, my brothers. But the light is also present so that I can see where from am I, and what the ultimate meaning and purpose of my life is. The light supposes to be the help so that in this light, "my eyes can see the salvation." The light has to dawn on me that I don't live in the dark. Otherwise, I wander in the dark, and live in the dark.

Is Christ is the light of my life? Or are there only other flames and sparks, broken lamps and dirty flashlights, idols and stars, lights and decorations, which don't illuminate anything?

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